PostHeaderIcon Integration of TRSI Satellite

PostHeaderIcon Bakeout Procedure

PostHeaderIcon Vibration Testing of TRSI satellite

PostHeaderIcon ADS-B PocketQube is taking shape


Here is a running ADS-B test on the engineering model inner structure of the satellite.
The signal reception is great, getting more than 44dB above the noisefloor (upper graph, 19.9mV/dB), a rare situation though, because it´s not much nearby traffic here.
Lower graph shows a weak signal, barely above noise at -92dBm. The bits still look decodable – I´ll continue optimizing. It´s a bit of a challenge.
In average, there are many many signals per second with 10-20dB over noisefloor with no visible planes.

PostHeaderIcon WREN Integration into UNISAT-5 in Rome/Italy


PostHeaderIcon Solar Panel Test


The test of our new solar panels was successful. The power output is 6 times the value given in the datasheet.

PostHeaderIcon Space Horizons, Providence (RI)


PostHeaderIcon Milling the Shakerbox


Milling the Shakerbox. Thanx to Jacek Wisniowski for technical support.



A development model of WREN in the shakerbox frame

PostHeaderIcon SSTV abilty added to the WREN PocketQub

sstvThis is the first picture transmitted from the satellite in Martin-1 SSTV format. Thanx for this lovely support to my sweetheart Rong

Find out more about SSTV

PostHeaderIcon 8-Channel Plasma Thruster Vacuum test

Succesful test of my 8-Channel pulsed plasma thruster. Let´s see how it performs in orbit.

Paul Kocyla at the vacuum test chamber of the FH-Aachen University