My name is Paul Kocyla. I studied Computer Science with Electrical Engineering at the RWTH-Aachen.

I was always passionate about space flight, artificial intelligence, electronics and autonomous systems, so I made several projects according to these topics. You can see them at

Several years ago I got the opportunity to participate in a micro satellite project (Compass 2) on the FH Aachen University where I developed a camera based navigation module.

Now I am concentrating on developing small satellites based on the PocketQub standard.

In 2011 I joined a commercial foundation StaDoKo. We managed to launch our satellite Wren into orbit on Nov 21, 2013

I put much effort in its development to make it a fully functional spacecraft including an 8-Channel pulsed plasma thruster. You can get information about this project on the main page.

Currently I am developing a new noncommercial satellite which is quite simple and easy to assemble. I will make it open source in case of a successful launch and function.


Email me at: